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Congregation Ohav Emeth is located in the geographic center of the Highland Park / Edison observant community in New Jersey. Our membership spans the range of halacha-committed Jews, with an attitude of achdut (unity) and religious tolerance. We share a love for Medinat Yisrael and a serious commitment to Torah study for every age and gender and at every level. We have a multitude of ongoing educational and social programs as well as frequent special events.    Please explore our web site to learn more about our active synagogue and dynamic community.

Navi Program

Men, Women, Girls, & Boys

Let’s learn together –   What did the prophets have to say?
Together OE will learn all of NAVI 

 When we reopen we will have a big tziom to celebrate our learning and spiritual achdus during this time of physical separation.

Sign up online thru our website.  You will need to  login .

  • Signup with one name – 

whether representing a family, or chavrusas learning remotely together, or one individual.

  • Signup for as much as you think  you can handle,

    A whole sefer, a perek, or multiple perakim

For more info contact   Laini Weitz at  or the shul office at 


Signup Page

                          OE TANACH WEEKLY CHALLENGE IS BACK 

Every Tuesday morning, we will send out the Tamach Challenge questions for the week. Email your answers to before shabbos. A winner will be drawn at random every Motzei Shabbos!  Challenge Question

Congratulations to our first two winners:  Ezra Bialik and Zevi Lipschitz

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Letter from the Vaad



There are no upcoming events at this time.

The lockdown has created many unprecedented challenges for the world and the Orthodox Jewish community, one of those is davening without a minyan, especially on Shabbos. We cannot hear laining, listen to the drasha, answer amen to brachos and kaddish, sign kedusha together, or do any of the d'varim she'b'k'dusha which require a minyan. On the other hand, we can now each daven at our own pace, actually learn the parsha--instead of half-listening to it as it is read aloud--and not have to worry about the noise the children create while davening with their parents or playing in the social hall. That said, it is still quite challenging to have a meaningful Tefillah while isolated in one's home. Therefore, we bring you this new feature in our weekly newsletter. Each week a different member family of the congregation will share what they do at home that is enhancing their davening experience. Hopefully this will help inspire others as they embrace some of the ideas shared here, and it will at least be interesting and deepen our connections even as we are apart.

If you would like to submit a write-up of your family's "shul" for inclusion in the newsletter please email,, or

Schedule of Services & Halachic Times

Rabbi Kaufman's Shabbos Drasha


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Dedication Opportunity

There are a number of benches in the Main Shul in both the men’s and women’s sections that have not yet been dedicated and are available at a dedication amount of $1800 per bench. Installment payments are acceptable. If you have not as yet contributed to the renovations and/or have a simcha or other occasion to memorialize please consider this opportunity. Each bench will be recognized with a “Dedicated by .....” plaque on the end of the bench, and with a more detailed plaque with dedication wording of your choosing in the hallway on the beautiful new main dedication board currently under production. For more details or for other dedication opportunities,
please contact Norman Heyden at or Michael Garber at        See our renovation page for pictures and information!


With lockers now available for the safe-keeping of your tallit, tefillin, siddur, etc, we would appreciate that nothing be left behind on the benches following davening.  We appreciate your assistance in helping to keep our shul neat and in order.  Lockers are just $100 per year.  Contact the OE Office for rental details.


Tribute Cards are available from OE for Mazel Tov, Refua Shleima, and Condolences.  Just $5.00 each. Contact Sue Kollmar to purchase. 

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Wed, July 8 2020 16 Tammuz 5780