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Congregation Ohav Emeth is located in the geographic center of the Highland Park / Edison observant community in New Jersey. Our membership spans the range of halacha-committed Jews, with an attitude of achdut (unity) and religious tolerance. We share a love for Medinat Yisrael and a serious commitment to Torah study for every age and gender and at every level. We have a multitude of ongoing educational and social programs as well as frequent special events.


Please explore our web site to learn more about our active synagogue and dynamic community.

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We are honored this Shabbos
Nachamu to have Rabbi Tzvi Hoff
give a shiur between Shabbos
Mincha and Maariv for 45 minutes
in the main shul.

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Do you enjoy having company on Shabbat or yom tov? Do you enjoy meeting new people. Sign up to be a host/hostess and will send them your way. Sign up at

Hatzalah fundraising effort:

ואתחנן, This Shabbos parshas Ohav Emeth will be participating in Hatzolah’s first major community shul oriented fundraising effort -
A Shabbos Hatzolah. Hatzolah of Middlesex County provides emergency medical services to those who live, work and pass through our community. Hatzolah members’ commitment to providing the best possible service is the result of dedication to pikuach nefesh, ongoing training in medical care and hilchos Shabbos as it relates to medical emergencies. Your family contribution ensures that Hatzolah continues to have the most up to date training, equipment and technology available. Your partnership can save a life.

For more info regarding this campaign you can call Eli Ben-Haim 732-570-5876.



A message from the Safety & Security Committee


With lockers now available for the safe-keeping of your tallit, tefillin, siddur, etc, we would appreciate that nothing be left behind on the benches following davening.  We appreciate your assistance in helping to keep our shul neat and in order.  Lockers are just $100 per year.  Contact the OE Office for rental details.


Tribute Cards are available from OE for Mazel Tov, Refua Shleima, and Condolences.  Just $5.00 each. Contact Sue Kollmar to purchase. 

A guest left his car keys in the main coat room over shabbos.
It was inadvertently taken motzei Shabbos by someone else.
If you have a remote for a car that is not yours, please return it to the office.

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Sat, August 17 2019 16 Av 5779