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Highland Park Mikvah -- (732) 249-2411


Park Mikvah
732-249-2411 (LL)
732-221-8155 (M)

Lefkovits Family Park Mikvah:

- Please support the mikvah while purchasing on Amazon.  Use the following link:  A donation will be made to Lefkovits Family Park Mikvah.


The Mikvah is currently by appointment only. 

All appointments must be made via our appointment page on  Please make sure to arrive on time to ensure social distancing and to allot appropriate time for sanitizing between appointments.  Women should take steps to check themselves as the Mikvah attendant will be maintaining a 6 foot distance while wearing protective gear such as gloves and masks. Women can bring their own towels/robes/combs/slippers if they prefer to.  If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are in quarantine (due to exposure to someone with COVID-19), please do not visit the Mikvah. Please consult with your rav and doctor as to when you will be able to use the Mikvah. Should you be feeling flu symptomatic, please consult with and get clearance from your doctor before attending the Mikvah, and notify us in advance of any sensitive situation so that we can put accommodations into place. Please continue to practice social distancing during your visit.  All preparations must be done at home, while taking a shower immediately prior to coming to Mikvah. When you arrive at the Mikvah, please be ready to comb your hair and then immerse. An extra immersion can be done since one is not showering at the Mikvah.  As always if you have any questions or concerns please email us at

NOTE: Appointments can now be made between nightfall and opening time, and the out-of-hours (additional) fee will NOT be charged.

Neighboring Mikvaot:

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Mikvah of Oakhurst/Deal -- (732) 531-1712
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Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784