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The Rabbi Chaim Yosef Furst Chaplaincy Program

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Pastoral care is an essential service needed by Jewish patients in both hospitals and long term care facilities. There had become a noted lack of pastoral care available to Jewish patients locally after years of budget cutbacks and grant cancellations at various different facilities. As such, the family members of Rabbi Chaim Yosef Furst, zt"l, a Congregational Rabbi who graciously served as a chaplain for decades in the latter half of the 20th century, established the Rabbi Chaim Yosef Furst Chaplaincy Program at Congregation Ohav Emeth in order to help provide these essential services to our community. 

Our Mission 

The mission of the R.C.Y.F. Chaplaincy Program is to expediently and effectively provide Jewish Chaplaincy services that will uplift and nuture the spiritual well-being of the Jewish population in the Middlesex County and surrounding areas. 

Our purview is to compassionately serve individuals of all ages, in whatever situation they may be in, by providing emotional support, education or ritual assistance. 

We aim to alleviate the suffering and ease the journey of those in need in all locations, from hospital and healthcare facilities to private settings. 

Rabbi David Blum

In 2018, Congregation Ohav Emeth hired Rabbi David Blum to serve as chaplain. After receiving Rabbinical Ordination at REITS and after successfully completing five units of Clinical Pastoral Education at the Healthcare Chaplaincy between 2001 and 2003, Rabbi David Blum has since accumulated much positive experience over the years as a dedicated chaplain. 

Our Services 

• Pastoral visitation in both public and private healthcare settings
• Educational classes tailored to the unique needs of various groups
• Prayer service and ritual as appropriate
• Life cycle events as per request and arrangement
• In service training provided to staff members to facilitate cultural sensitivity in healthcare environment 


Seder discussion with Rabbi Blum Rabbi Blum discusses Sukkot






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