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Kinder Fund

The Kinder Fund in memory of Dina Eisner is having its annual campaign to raise needed funds to assist local chil- dren. Types of assistance include various therapies, tutoring and summer camp. Over 25 local families were sup- ported in the past year with funds

raised from the community. Donations can be mailed to:

Kinder Fund, 1789 Lincoln Highway, Box 110, Edison NJ 08817, dropped off at Janice Lustiger’s home or donate online: PayPal.Me/TheKinderFund.

Help for a Settlement in Israel

Seneh – Bnea Adam is a relatively Recent “Suburb” of the “settlement” know as “Adam” (also know as Givat Binyamih, I believe). There are about 50 beautiful families living there and there are-already- over 200 children. The area here is very “unbuilt” (driving on the road is an “unforgettable” experience) and one of the needed items missing is a PLAYGROUND for these children. The families who live here have – through great effort- raised about 1⁄2 of the necessary amount need- ed for such a playground. This will provide a safe, open and inviting area for these children. They currently have to raise about $75,740 more. Because this is considered such an important project in improving the quality of life for these fami- lies, a p’sak was sought and received that one who contributes to this project may use money designated for “Ma’aser Kesafim”. In addition, an arrangement has been made with the organization “Heart of Israel” to make a tax deductible contribution by accessing: https://www.the Chedva-Ashowai- who is my niece- can be contacted for more information at: 011-972-52-558-3635 and can arrange for a visit to the site for those trav- eling to Israel. If have any further questions, please feel free to contact me (Zvi Weiss) at 908-208-0037.

Rides and Drivers for Shopping

I am starting a new community service to match people who need a ride to go shopping to people who are going to that store. If you need a ride to a store, call (732) 501-1409 and leave a message with your name, phone number, store where you need to go. I will send a message out asking if anyone is going to that store. The driver will contact you to make arrangements. This service is for people who can be independent in the store. Please realize that I will attempt to find a driver for you, but I am not guaranteeing that I will be able to do so. Drivers, please call or text (732) 501-1409 to be added to the list of drivers. You will get a message when a driver is requested. You will not be expected to make a special trip to the store, just to drive someone if you need to go for yourself. Susan Kollmar

APPEAL FOR TZEDAKAH from OE Tzedakah Fund.

The demand for tzedakah in our community and others remains as strong as ever. The Rabbi’s Tzedakah Fund is being depleted to meet these needs. Please be so kind as to contribute to this fund to enable those in need to continue to receive the help they require. Please make checks payable to Ohav Emeth and indicate “Tzedakah Fund” in the memo. Thank you for your generosity

Appeal from an OE Member Family:

Update - Thank you to all who have contributed to raise funds for a community member to attend a rehab program. This person has completed the first and most expensive part of the program, and is, thank G-d, doing well. Even with the generous donations shared by community members, the family was forced to borrow thousands of dollars each month to pay $6,000 monthly for the program. They are struggling with significant accumulated debt, and our help is still needed. Please help this local family recover from extreme financial burden. They have generously supported our community in the past and never though they would need to ask for themselves. Please visit https:// to donate by credit card or if you wish to make out a check instead of contributing online, please make it out to Congrega- tion Ohav Emeth and in the memo write Rabbi’s Charity Fund. On a separate note (NOT IN MEMO), write that it is for the rehab campaign.

Camp HASC Bar Mitzvah Project

Corey will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah
Corey Katz, the grandson of Liz and Murray Katz, will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah IY"H this September. For his Bar Mitzvah project, Corey has chosen to raise money for Camp HASC. He has chosen Camp HASC as he has Autism and wants to help others with special needs.

If you would like to help Corey, please send your donations, addressed to Camp HASC, to Corey Katz, 299B South 11th Avenue. Please contact Rafi Katz at for more information. Corey appreciates your support.

Please Help

*Special Mitzvah opportunity for men and post high school boys:

A year and 3 months ago, Rabbi Aaron (Ahrele) Oster, a respected teacher & ben Torah from Monsey, suffered a Septic shock. With Hashem's miracles & Klal Yisrael's Tefilos, his life was saved and is on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, his limbs couldn't be saved and he needed to undergo a quadruple amputation several months ago. For the continuation of his recovery & rehab, Arele was recently transferred from Boston to
the AristaCare Rehab facility in South Plainfield, to be closer to family and friends. The family has set up shifts for visitation whereby there is an almost constant presence by immediate and extended family & friends at his
bedside. Please help Rabbi Oster and his family by taking an empty time slot and going over for a short visit in times of need. A What's App chat is being formed - please join even if you have limited availability. Slots would be posted on the chat. Please reply privately if you can visit and/or to be added to the chat: Rabbi Shmuel Gancz 845-746-1927 or Mrs. Oster 845-596-4868. Please continue to daven for Aharon ben Chana for a complete Refuah. In the zechus of this mitzvah, may you be blessed with health, nachas & prosperity .


*A young girl in our community needs financial assistance for costly medical procedures and rehabilitation therapy. She has been rehabilitating post-injury for four years and is still in great need of help in order to improve her quality of life. Her parents thank our local rebbeim and the entire community for your support.

Checks can be made to: Ahavas Achim Rabbi’s Charity Fund. 216 S. 1st Ave. For info contact 
artfpm or Rachelle



Tzedakah & Chesed Opportunities


Seeking volunteers. Free EMT training. If you wish to join, call 732-993-8645 or email Currently seeking dispatchers. Interested? Want to learn more? Join us for an informational meeting on Motzi Shabbos Oct 20. Email for info. To donate to Hatzolah, call 732-993-8645/write checks to “Chevra Hatzolah of Middlesex County” mail to P.O. Box 778 Edison, NJ 08818.


  HP First Aid Squad


Highland Park Eruv
* Follow us on Twitter: @hp_eruv
* Contact David Weintraub with questions
* Email updates: sign up on website


In memory of Sondra

Donations in memory of Sondra Botvinick for medical equipment at Haddassah Hospital in Jerusalem.  Haddassah, PO Box 1100, New York, NY 10268. (“Sondra Botvinick Memorial Fund” in memo line)  Phone: 800-928-0685 (mention the Memorial Fund.)



Bikur Cholim Annual Event: Sunday, March 17, 2019 at 9:30am at Pines Manor.

Hospitality Room: at RWJ Univ. Hosp. Main floor opposite ICU
Mothers’ Helpers: Volunteers (girls, grade 10+) to help w/ 5yo special needs girl. 347-598-9448
Homebound Visits: Volunteers 11th grade+. 732-572-7181.
Nursing Home Visitation: Seeking volunteers to visit residents of the Regency Nursing Home, Somerset
*OWLS: Overnight childcare for laboring moms;
To receive or volunteer, call Rikki 732-249-5116

Delivering meals         KOSHER MEALS ON WHEELS

Kosher Meals on Wheels seeks a volunteer to deliver meals to the homebound in HP on Thurs AMs.  Pick-up in Metuchen, expected time is 2 hrs/week. Also looking for sub drivers – those who can be available on-call. Call Sara 732-777-1940.


We are organizing the learning of mishnayos for Phil Machlin, zt'l. His Hebrew name is Pinchas Aryeh ben Yosef Mordechai. Please use the link here to sign up: signup.php?id=6617 Anything that can be done to assist in this endeavor, whether by learning mishnayos or publicizing this mitzvah, is greatly appreciated. Please contact Albert Mitzner with any questions. Thank you for your consideration.

Thu, November 14 2019 16 Cheshvan 5780