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HP Borough arranges in-town COVID-19 testing, Wed Aug 26th 


The Borough of Highland Park has partnered with the Jewish Renais- sance Medical Center to bring a mobile COVID testing site to town
on Wednesday, August 26th from 8 am - 1 pm. The testing site will be set up in the parking lot at the HP Community Center (220 So. 6th Ave- nue) and can accommodate drive-up and walk-up clients with or without symptoms. Residents interested in taking advantage of this testing op- portunity must register by Monday, August 24th by going to: https:// Residents who need as- sistance registering can call the Community Center at 723-819-0052.

There will be no out of pocket costs to get tested. Clients with insur- ance will have their bill sent directly to their insurance company; clients who are uninsured will have their tests covered by Medicare and CARES funding.

Statement regarding vaccination

In light of the measles outbreak affecting Jewish communities in New York and New Jersey, the board and Rabbi of Congregation Ohav Emeth would like to issue the following statement:


Measles is a highly contagious, life threatening disease. Measles is also preventable. According to the CDC, the recommended two doses of MMR vaccine is 97% effective against measles. Those who are immunocompromised or are too young to be vaccinated rely on herd immunity to be protected against this potentially deadly disease. It is our obligation to do everything we can to protect ourselves and safeguard our community against danger.


Congregation Ohav Emeth strongly urges all parents to vaccinate their children on the timetable recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC.


Adults born between 1957 and 1989 may not be immune to measles even if previously vaccinated. 
We encourage everyone in this age group to consult with their doctor regarding an immunity test (titer), or booster vaccine.

If your child is older than 6 months but less than 1 year old, we recommend that you consult with your pediatrician to see if your child should receive their first dose of the vaccine early.

The safety of our congregants is paramount. For this reason we request that individuals who do not have a registered medical exemption and have not been vaccinated against measles refrain from entering the building or participating in shul functions.

Please see the attached resource for a more information on the importance of vaccination.


For a statement on vaccinations from the OU and Rabbinical Council of America, please use the following link:

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Sun, November 29 2020 13 Kislev 5781