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Over the past decades, most of us in the Highland Park/ Edison/ New Brunswick community have come to appreciate the reliability and constancy of the local Eruv. It is important to realize that Rabbanim, askanim and volunteers are moser nefesh week after week to make sure it is operational. To give the community a greater appreciation of the halachic considerations in the design of the Eruv, as well as the work involved in maintaining it, a video / slide show presented by Rabbi Akiva Sauer of the Highland Park Kollel has been posted on the Eruv website:


MAP and additional eruv information

New Phone Number for Eruv Hotline: 732-487-ERUV

The Eruv Hotline Phone Number has changed. It is now 732-487-ERUV. Note the exchange is now 487 and not 247.

Visit the official Highland Park and New Brunswick Eruv web site at site has a Google Maps mashup showing the exact boundaries of the Edison/Highland Park/New Brunswick Eruv, as well as locations of various places within the Eruv.

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Sign up for eruv email alerts.  For assistance contact David Weintraub: 

Boundary Updates:

  • Eruv boundary now set at Plainfield Rd, not Sutton Ln
  • Stelton Community Center playground is now in eruv
  • Cook/Douglas campuses of Rutgers are no longer in the eruv
  • If eruv around Donaldson Park is down, playground in Donaldson no longer in backup.



The Above Map was last updated August 2017 and is the most current.

Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyyar 5784