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Gemach List

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New Gown GemachNew Gown Gemach in Edison! Looking for donations! L'iluy Nishmas R' Yitzchok Ben Binyomin. For more information, please call Sara Scott at 516-526-0941


ANTIQUE SILVER NAPKIN RINGS GEMACH Description: Antique sterling silver napkin ring holders to be used for Simchas. Contact: Please call Mrs. Carol Friedman at 732-846-2259

ARTIFICIAL FLORAL CENTERPIECES GEMACH Description: Fancy, floral centerpieces available for weddings or any special occasion. Fee charged, with all proceeds going to the "Aleh Foundation," an organization in Israel dedicated to actively advocating for the rights of the disabled; with the monies raised by the gemach dedicated specifically to Aleh Negev which focuses on the needs of the mentally and physically impaired as they enter adulthood. Contact: Please call  (732) 630-9148

ARTIFICIAL FLORAL CENTERPIECES GEMACH LEV L’NEFESH CENTERPIECE GEMACH L’iluy nishmas Suri Granek (Fruma Sara bas Chaim Yitzchak). 118 Washington Ave in HP (right side door). Open Tue & Wed, call for hours 732-630-9148

BABY BANZ EARMUFF PROTECTORS GEMACH Description: Providing protections for eardrums from loud music at weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvas for 0-2 and 2 -8 year olds. L'iluy mishmash Frayda Chana bas Binyamin HaKohein and Hinda bas Yaakov Peretz. Contact: Please call Marsha Eiserman at 732-777-1155

BABY EQUIPMENT GEMACH Description: Borrow all sorts of baby equipment. Contact: To borrow or donate, please call Mrs. Miri Cohen at 732-777-1456

BILIBED GEMACH Description: A BiliBed is a Jaundice-lowering electrical medical bed, helps with lowering the bilirubin count. It’s good to help ensure that your baby can get treated at home instead of possibly going to the hospital. It is suggested to discuss this with the baby's doctor before using this or any medical equipment. A fee will be charged. Contact: Please call Mrs. Felisa Mark 732-414-3375 or e-mail

BRIS OUTFIT GEMACH Description: Bris outfits available to borrow (includes hat, booties, and blanket), along with a pillowcase for the bris. Contact: Please call Rochel Leah Eisner 732-771-7378 or e-mail

BRIS PILLOW GEMACH Description: Borrow a Bris pillow. Contact: Please call Mrs. Amy Zelka at 732-613-8717

CHILDREN’S DVD GEMACH Description: DVD collection for children. Contact: Please call Erin Cohen at 732 773-4859

CHUMASHIM GEMACH Description: Small Chumashim with Shabbos davening (both Sefard and Ashkenaz) are available for loan for your simcha with a donation to The Kinder Fund in memory of Dina Eisner a”h--dedicated in memory of Yosef ben Shlomo z”l and Rochel bas Todres a”h. Contact: Please call or e-mail Mrs. Mati Eisner at 917-859-1354 or

DIABETIC SUPPLIES GEMACH : Provide Diabetic supplies—Insulin, test strips, Meters for those who ran out.

DIAPERS  Donations of diapers, pull-ups, and wipes are currently being accepted for the new HP/Edison Diaper Gemach.
Please email for more information

EDISON/HP GOWN GEMACH Description: The Edison/Highland Park gown Gemach L'iluy Nishmas R' Yitzchok Ben Binyomin, is open for business! The Gemach houses a wide selection of gowns for children, pre-teen, teens and adults. Please note the Gemach is still looking for donation of gowns in very good condition. Tax deduction is given and pick up of the gowns can also be arranged.  Contact: For more information and/or to schedule an appointment, please call Sara Scott at 516-526-0941

COSTUME GEMACH Description: Costumes of all sizes and shapes for Purim and year round. Gemach usually holds sale days at Congregation Ohav Emeth (OE) on two Sundays before Purim. Drop off a costume get a credit for one, otherwise cost is $5 per costume. Proceeds to OE. Contact: Please call or email Shari Gordon at 732-572-9192 or

FREE LOAN GEMACH Description: Free loan Gemach in memory of Ellen Schick, z”l. Contact: Please call Mr. Barry Mael at 732-819-3512

FREE LOAN – GEMACH ZICHRON MORDECHAI Description: Free loan Gemach in memory of Rabbi Motti Green, z”l. Contact: Please call Mr. Moshe Feuer at 732-266-9354

KITTEL GEMACH Description: Four sizes of kittels are available for loan. Kittels are in memory of Lazar Lipman ben Chaim Yitzhak, z"l. Contact: Please call Lee Ann or Jeff Schein at 732-545-9353

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT GEMACH Description: Bikur Cholim of Raritan Valley has wheelchairs, walkers, canes, breast pumps, hospital beds, commodes, bathtub seats. Contact: Please call Mr. Harry Chefitz at 732-819-4979

SEW TZA'NUA GEMACH Description: Tzaniusdik (modest clothing) alterations. Contact: Please call Mrs. Breindy Pomper at 732-407-7844

SHIETLES AND TICHELS/SNOODS/HATS GEMACH Sheitels and Tichels/Snoods/Hats Gemach Donate and/or take preciously owned sheitels and head coverings. Contact: call, text or email. Mrs. Gina Gittel 347-615- 3294, Also contact for no-charge Kallah Classes, as originally taught by Rebbetzin Tehilla Abramov.


SIMCHA "SHTICK" GEMACH Description: Borrow arches, umbrellas, Chosson and Kallah Bear, MAZAL TOV signs, flowers and more available for weddings. Contact: Please call Mrs. Mira Septimus at 732-514-9154

START UP KOSHER KITCHEN GEMACH Description: Kitchen equipment i.e. pots, pans, cutlery to lend for those beginning to keep kosher. Contact: Please call Mrs. Malka Esther Lennhoff at 732-985-3343

TABLECLOTHS GEMACH Description: Borrow with a donation to The Kinder Fund in memory of Dina Eisner, z”l. Contact: To set up an appointment, please call Leah Finkel at (732) 593-7301

TABLES AND CHAIRS GEMACH Description: Borrow tables of different sizes and up to 50 chairs, at no cost. L’illuy nishmas Henya bas Yitzchok Isaac. Contact: Please call Mrs. Faige Sauber at 732-572-9628

TEFILLOS BOOKLETS FOR WEDDINGS Description: Beautiful tefillos booklets, illustrated by the renowned artist Yonah Weinrib, for use during a chuppah (wedding ceremony). Contact: To borrow from The Kinder Fund in memory of Dina Eisner, z”l, please call Lynn Hanfling at 732-777-0225. Suggested donation is $36.

TORAH TAPE LIBRARY GEMACH Description: Torah tapes on a broad spectrum of topics with a variety of speakers Contact: Please call Congregation Ohr Torah at 732-777-8640

UNIFORM GEMACH Description: Recycles Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion uniforms Contact: To borrow or donate, please call Mrs. Mimi Blumenkrantz at 732-819-7766

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