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Advocacy and Support

World Mizrachi School Department– Letter writing campaign , pictures and video to children, teachers and soldiers Letters for Israel – World Mizrachi

Red Cross; International Committee of the Red Cross:  Tel: 011-41-22-734-6001; email :      American Red Cross 1800-732-2767 to submit letter:     General Inquiry | American Red Cross         Link to a video from Israel requesting people to advocate with the Red Cross. The ICRC has stated that it has requested access to the hostages, but they have been denied.  President Biden stated in his last speech that he is pressuring the ICRC to visit the hostages.  Add your voice.


White House (Biden and Harris):

Sample letter from the OU:

Thank you, President Biden, for your strong speech  in support of Israel in her war against Hamas. You spoke with moral clarity about how Hamas is evil and you expressed your full support for Israel’s war of self-defense against these vile terrorists.  I thank you for your clear pledge of support to provide Israel with whatever it needs to fight this war to the end.  Please stay strong and resolute in the coming weeks as Israel fights for her security and for the free world. 


This is the letter sent by Moshe Hauer on October 19th:

Dear President Biden,

Welcome back from your historic mission of friendship to the State of Israel. Since the unspeakable horrors inflicted by Hamas on October 7th, your actions and your words have provided profound support and comfort to the citizens of Israel and to the Jewish People everywhere. You have materially strengthened Israel by deploying American aircraft carriers and other forces to the region and by the other forms of military and economic support being sent. Your historic visit to Israel during this time of war, the first of its kind by an American president, provided critical moral support and speaks volumes about where and with whom you stand. As Jews and as people of faith, we are profoundly grateful for your loud and clear voice of moral clarity in a horribly confused and prejudiced world.

Israel needs to act against Hamas, neither to punish or take revenge nor to establish deterrence. They must destroy Hamas. The world has witnessed that in the case of Hamas a ceasefire is simply a pause to reload. Their destructive impulse cannot be deterred as they have little compassion for the Palestinian people they claim to represent, and their spite and hatred of Israel makes martyrdom a virtue.

The Israel Defense Forces choose life, value every human life, and function with an ethic of “purity of arms” that has moved them to become world leaders in developing technologies and techniques designed to minimize innocent civilian casualties in warfare. They regularly put their own soldiers at risk as they go above and beyond the letter of the laws of war. Today, and for the coming weeks they need your vocal support to not cease firing until they complete the job of destroying Hamas.

Your voice of moral clarity needs to be heard by the world leaders, United Nations countries, American politicians, university leaders, academics, students, and members of the media who have either not found it within themselves to clearly and unequivocally condemn Hamas’ barbarism or have quickly reverted to focusing on restraining the Jewish state’s ability to defend itself fully and effectively. Your voice of moral clarity must be joined by all who claim to value life and law in demanding the immediate release of the 199 hostages held by Hamas in Gaza


Rep. Frank Pallone:  -

Statement issued by Pallone:

“I strongly condemn the deadly attacks by Hamas terrorists in Israel. Israel has every right to defend itself against the endless barrage of rockets and the appalling violence that has already claimed too many lives. Hamas should stop its heinous acts of terror against Israel immediately. I’m glad to see the Biden Administration is sending military resources to the region. Congress must be ready to provide additional emergency funding to support Israel’s security.”

Additional Statement issued by Pallone: October 12, 2023 

“Social media companies must not allow their platforms to become agents of terrorist propaganda and violence.”

Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking Member Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) issued the following statement todayfollowing reportsthat widespread disinformationandgraphic, violent contentis running rampantacross social media in the wake of Hamas’ attack on Israel:

“Right now, disturbing content and deliberate disinformation are spreading across social media like wildfire. It must be stopped. Social media companies must not allow their platforms to become agents of terrorist propaganda and violence.

“This threat must be taken seriously, right now, so that social media platforms aren’t used to spread or broadcast graphic acts of violence and terrorism. I am calling on all social media companies – including X, Meta, and YouTube – to vigorously enforce their terms of service, immediately remove content that violates those terms, and permanently ban any user that intentionally attempts to spread or broadcast acts of terror, violence, or extremism. This abhorrent content is an affront to the victims and their families and serves only to further the terrorists’ violent agenda. Reports that Hamas has hacked some of their victims’ accounts and used them to spread terrorist content are particularly heinous, and platforms must act swiftly and decisively to stamp out these abuses.

“This situation underscores the need for social media platforms to maintain a robust and fully supported content moderation staff. Failure to do so is exactly that – a failure – and will not be tolerated as an excuse for inaction.

Sen. Bob

Sen. Cory


Sample Letter from the OU as thank you if the representative has been supportive:

Dear Representative/Senator [insert His/Her Last name],


As a constituent and Jewish American with many friends and family in Israel, I want to thank you sincerely for your statement of support for our ally Israel in its time of need.


As you know, on October 7th, as Jews in Israel began celebrating the holiday of Simchat Torah—50 years since the devastating Yom Kippur War—the Iran-backed terror group Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel, killing unknown numbers of civilians and soldiers and taking hostages into Gaza, including American citizens.


Your support gives us hope and encouragement that America will continue to be the best ally Israel has in the world.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words.



Your Name

Sat, April 20 2024 12 Nisan 5784