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President's Letter - COVID  Protocol

August 12, 2021

To our friends and family at OE:

Please be advised that in light of recent events and based on the latest statements issued by the CDC, we are revising our COVID protocols as follows:

As the CDC is now strongly recommending that everyone whether vaccinated or not be fully masked while in large indoor gatherings, so too we are revising our shul policy to strongly recommend and request that everyone who davens in our shul on Friday Night/Shabbos Day and/or Yom Tov do the same while inside the building.

For unvaccinated adults and children our policy remains unchanged: you must be fully masked (mask covering nose and mouth) inside the shul building, not just the sanctuary, at all times. Also, those who have already had COVID but who are still unvaccinated must be masked at all times as well regardless of when the person in question was infected with the virus.

As we want everyone to be comfortable davening at the shul, we are looking into whether we can set up concurrent minyanim on Friday night and Shabbos morning with some being for fully masked and/or vaccinated people only. As the logistics are somewhat complicated and we need to gauge whether there is interest in doing this we ask for your patience and forbearance.



Steven Y. Steinhart



Sun, October 1 2023 16 Tishrei 5784