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Mechiras Chometz

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Dear OE Members and Friends,
I hope this message finds you and yours well. Our Shul and Yeshivos are closed and everyone is doing their best to follow the strict guidelines of healthcare and medical advisors, practicing measures that will limit the spread of this dreaded virus; measures such as hand washing and limiting our exposure to each other with the practice of social distancing.
Consequently, in an effort to be vigilant in safeguarding the wellbeing of all, we have determined that we will not be making our transaction in person. This year, because of the health crisis, we will do the transaction remotely using online technology that will forgo the time honored  enhancement of an in person Kabalas Kinyan.
With the use of the following online Google Mechiras Chametz Form used to appoint me as your agent to sell your Chametz all of the halachic requirements will be met in the appointing me your agent and at the same time ensure the maximum degree of safety for the health and well being of all.
Please click on the link below to access the online Mechiras Chametz Form. Please remember to click on the SUBMIT button at the end of the form to complete the process.
Click here to begin the process.
Please note, those who are experiencing difficulties in the online Mechiras Chometz process should feel free to contact me by using this special email address that we have setup for this purpose: or call my private cell and I will arrange for Mechiras Chametz over the phone.
Appeal for Maos Chitim
It has also been the time honored custom for, as our Sages say, “one mitzvah to follow another”. It is for that reason that many combine the mitzvah of Mechiras Chametz together with the important mitzvah of Maos Chitim , to generously give zedakah for the most in need in our community .In the past, your generous donation to our Maot Chitim Fund has provided desperately needed funds for others most in need , funds that made possible a celebration of joyous Pesach that otherwise they would not have enjoyed.
We thank you for your past generosity and ask that you more than ever, give with even more generosity than in past years since regretfully,the great health crisis that we are all experiencing has given rise and has become already for so many unfortunate families a formidable financial crisis. We ask that you please give with that in mind.
Please make your tax deductible contributions to Congregation Ohav Emeth with the memo marked, Maos Chitim-Charity Fund and mail to the shul 415 Raritan Avenue, Highland Park, New Jersey 08904
You can click here to pay via PayPal.  
As always please feel free to call me or email me for any questions that you may have regarding this process and on all issues of Pesach observance.
Wishing you all good health and a Chag Kosher V'sameich with the hope that this Pesach herald for us better tomorrows filled with Hashem’s blessings of good health and happiness for all.
Rabbi Eliyahu D Kaufman 
Wed, September 30 2020 12 Tishrei 5781