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Pesach 2019


This Sunday and throughout the week until Erev Pesach morning (Fri Apr 19),  Rabbi Kaufman will be available for Mechiras Chometz (the sale of chometz) in preparation for Pesach.

The schedule will be as follows:

  • Sunday: before and after the 8 am minyan, starting at 7 am until 9:30 am
  • During the week:
  • before and after the 7:20 am minyan, starting at approx 7 am
  • and before and after Mincha/Maariv, beginning at 7 pm

Rabbi Kaufman is also available by appointment for the sale of chometz


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Garbage and recycling materials may be dropped off on Fri Apr 19, 6:30am until 1pm at the DPW building, 444 Valentine St in Highland Park. Please follow the Borough's regular rules for recycling. Separate chometz and garbage from recycling items. Note: All chometz MUST be dropped off by 1pm. Do NOT drop off after this time



Thank you to Gilda & Ed Norin for sponsoring all three Siyumim to mark the yahrtzeits of both of Gilda’s parents, in memory of: Bernard Cowen בעריל דוב מנשה בן אבא נטע הכהן & Sarah Cowen Bolan חיה שרה בת דוב בער The siyumim will be as follows:

After 5:45am Minyan: Rafie Miller, Mas. Chulin

After 6:30am Minyan: Psachya Septimus, Mas. Yoma

After 7:10am Minyan: R’ Yosef Nath, Mas. Makos


Sat, August 17 2019 16 Av 5779